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artisan's alley 

New concept store making Main Street Mornington its home. Featuring a selection of carefully curated local goods for you, your home or a favoured friend.  


our storY 

We have always had a love for locally made products and we could not be in a better place to fuel our passion. Mornington Peninsula is filled to the brim with talented makers and creators but you can usually only buy from them on market days.

We wanted to create a space which brings together these local talents under one roof all year round, and so the concept of Artisan's Alley was born. 


It's a shared space where you can find talented makers, creators and artists who are now able to present their goods to customers right on Main Street.  Each artisan has their dedicated space within the store so we encourage you to wander around and explore.


The store is manned by our makers to feel free to stop and ask any of us about how it all began for us and what we draw inspiration from.

We're grateful to have received grant support from Mornington Peninsula Council to help us grow.

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